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World premier O&K Jack-up drive

During the Offshore Energy exhibition in Amsterdam ADS van STIGT had the honour to introduce the JD2400 jack-up drive from O&K Antriebstechnik. O&K has a long history in designing and building high-tech compact planetary gearboxes and is now entering the jack-up market.

Some figures are:

■ Ratio: 7868 : 1

■ Max. Jacking load: 560 ton

■ Max. Storm holding torque: 2900 kNm

■ Max. Holding torque: 2400 kNm

■ Max. Jacking torque: 1900 kNm

■ Output speed: 0,188 RPM

■ Input speed: 1480 RPM

O&K Antriebstechnik JD2400 Jack-up drive
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