ADS van Stigt: Geislinger Products from stock

Couplings, dampers, gearboxes, pump drives, clutches, planetary drives, sensors and electronic control and measurement systems; ADS van Stigt is a supplier and covers maintenance of these products by various companies. To deliver torsional dampers and torsionally flexible couplings for diesel engines, the company has teamed up with Geislinger. ADS van Stigt has represented Geislinger for many years now with great confidence in the high quality that is always delivered by Geislinger.


Geislinger has achieved a position as market leader and innovator when it comes to the production of torsional vibration dampers and high damping, torsionally flexible couplings for diesel and gas engines. On top of this Geislinger can be referred to as the leading specialist in the development of hydraulic / mechanical couplings from spring steel and fibre composites and monitoring systems for torsional vibrations (Geislinger Monitoring).

If the torsional vibrations require a reliable dampening than Geislinger drives will prove very suitable. Geislinger products are applied in general propulsion technology and more specifically in power transmission drives where torsional vibrations must be damped reliably. The wide scope ranges from large diesel engines, power plants, ships, trains and wind turbines to large reciprocating compressors, dump trucks and excavators.


ADS van Stigt's workshop in Gorinchem is specially equipped for the maintenance of Geislinger couplings and dampers and the engineers are certified by Geislinger in Austria for:

  • Inspection
  • Overhaul
  • Repair
  • Replacement


In the Gorinchem based warehouse ADS van Stigt keeps an important stock of:

  • Parts
  • Complete Couplings
  • Complete Dampers


To learn more about the products and services of Geislinger contact ADS van Stigt directly using the details on the website.

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