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ADS van Stigt started off in 1970 selling marine gearboxes and repair services. In the following 45 years the company has taken on the representation of different devices and marine equipment than just the conventional gearboxes. ADS van Stigt can also provide the best reverse reduction gearboxes and planetary gearboxes by different brands. One of the latest additions to our catalogue is the Logan FlexaDrive Pump Drive Gearbox in combination with the Logan LSC Series clutches.

Logan FlexaDrive

The Logan FlexaDrive multiple pump drive system is a self-contained gearbox with integral flexible coupling, providing full engine power between engine (power take-off) and transmission. Three different models, with up to 5 pump drive towers offer up to 10 PTO/PTI pump pads with bi-directional rotation for engines ranging from 150 kW to 3700 kW at a maximum of 2000 rpm. Various step-up gear ratios are available for direct drive PTO’s.

Multiple Disc Friction Clutch

The Logan FlexaDrive System design mounts to of a wide range of Logan Bell Housing PTO’s and Logan LSC Series clutches, as well as any marine transmission for direct torque transmission. Clutch housings can be mounted rigidly or through soft mounts to the engine base frame or engine foundation.

Applications of Logan gearboxes and clutches:

  • Hybrid Drive Systems
  • Marine Propulsion
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Industrial Skid Mounted Systems and Gensets
  • Front of Marine Engines


Do you have questions regarding the Logan FlexaDrive gearboxes equipped with Logan clutches? Please contact ADS Stigt through info@vanstigt.com or by calling +31 (0) 183 65 00 00.

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