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ADS van Stigt has more than 45 years of experience in the sale of gearboxes for marine shipping. Meanwhile the catalog has expanded to include planetary gearboxes, pump distribution, control systems and sensors. With the partners represented by ADS van Stigt, like French company Masson Marine, various electronic measurement, control and monitoring systems have been developed during this period.

Experience in quality

Masson is a company with over a century of experience in shipbuilding. Masson Marine started out in 1908 in France with the sales of a complete range of marine drives. Masson Marine products equip all kinds of vessels for heavy duty applications, such as:

  • inland vessels
  • fishing boats
  • naval ships
  • supply vessels
  • ferries
  • dredgers


ADS van Stigt is one of the main suppliers for Masson Marine. Masson products include gearboxes and controllable gearboxes in the power range from 300 kW to 3000 kW, with reduction ratios from 1:1 up to 14:1. Countless possibilities of adaptation and life and clutchable PTO (power take in) attachments make Masson Marine the one comprehensive solution for your marine propulsion system. Based on proven technology ADS van Stigt also offers various Hybrid solutions:

  • The RSY with her twin in single out
  • The PTI (power take in) as secondary drive or with a third clutch primary driven
  • Father-and-son hybride
  • Inline hybride

Stock and service

ADS van Stigt has a significant stock of Masson gearboxes of the various types and ratios.
Customer service is valued high to ensure the customers get the best and most suiting Masson Marine products they need.

More information

If you want to know more about Masson Marine, please contact ADS van Stigt via: or +31 (0) 183 65 00 00.

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