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ADS van Stigt has over 45 years experience in parts and service for gearboxes. In the warehouse and the workshop in Gorinchem various brands from all over the world are represented. For the planetary gearboxes, the company has started a partnership with the German O&K Antriebstechnik (part of Bonfiglioli). O&K has been providing quality products and the most reliable planetary gearboxes for ships and various other industries for over 50 years. With decades of experience in engineering, the sophisticated drives and gearboxes supplied have benefited a wide range of customers.

Planetary gearboxes O&K Antriebstechnik

O&K Antriebstechnik is now one of the world’s leading producers of planetary drives. The company develops final drives, slew drives, cutter drives, winch drives and jack-up drives for various applications. Compact construction and ever shrinking dimensions enable the units to be installed wherever space is of the essence. The gear units of O&K are also known for their powerful and robust construction. Moreover, the O&K planetary gearboxes offer reductions from 6:1 to 699:1, and force couples from 5 to 3000 kNm and come with a built-in parking brake.

O&K’s state-of-the-art planetary gearboxes are used in:

  • Drives for winches, wheels, tracks, tensioners and shredders
  • The Rack & Pinion jack-up constructions in the offshore

Representative of quality planetary gearboxes

Since 1970 ADS van Stigt has grown into an independent importer, distributor and maintenance specialist. As an official distributor for O&K Bonfiglioli ADS van Stigt always has an appropriate stock of O&K planetary gearboxes and spare parts. The workshop in Gorinchem is specially designed for the maintenance of planetary gearboxes. The skilled technicians are certified by O&K in Germany. O&K is certified according to ISO9001.


Do you have questions regarding the planetary gearboxes of O&K Antriebstechnik? Please contact ADS van Stigt: or by calling directly +31 (0) 183 65 00 00. You can also fill out the contact form.

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