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2Jul, 20
Sjoerd Hendrikje

The trial with fisher vessel Sjoerd Hendrikje is almost completed. ADS van STIGT provided the delivery of a specially adapted ZF ToughGear. The new UK 135 is equipped with a package with gearbox, switchable pump distribution box and control system. The ZF W10200 SG reversing gear has a newly developed 12,487:1 gear ratio that perfectly ... more

27May, 20
mts Odyssee

In close cooperation with Roald Verstraeten, the co-owner of mts Odyssee, ADS van STIGT developed a suitable PTO/PTI propulsion system for this tanker ship. The mts Odyssee is employed in the so called estuary navigation, where suitably adapted inland navigation vessels are allowed on the North Sea along the Belgian coast using the route between ... more

24Apr, 20

The Dutch yard Kooiman has two aluminium hybrid patrol vessels under construction. The vessels possess a clever Hull Vane shape, that reduces the wake building. Also they are fitted with a parallel-hybrid propulsion system, where two separate motors can drive a single propeller shaft. In this case an electric motor and a diesel engine. This ... more

15Apr, 20

Gorinchem, 15 April 2020 – In spite of the enormous impact of the Corona virus, we continue to work in our workshop and at customer locations. For instance, new Masson MM W4400 gearboxes for a range of customers filled our assembly shop today. Moreover, we continue to overhaul, among others, a ZF W4610, a ZF ... more

19Mar, 20

Dear business relation, The message our Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave was clear; a large proportion of the Dutch population must seriously take into account the fact that they will get the COVID-19 virus. What does this mean for our company? As the management of ADS van STIGT, we are responsible for two things; The ... more

18Apr, 19

RosierGreidanus B.V. has granted ADS van STIGT the order to deliver five Katsa gearboxes and fifteen flexible couplings. RosierGreidanus was the first company in the Netherlands to develop a fully automatic motor pump that can be used to easily pump manure. The pump can be operated from anywhere using a tablet, meaning that less direct ... more

23May, 17
ZF W83100 NR; W83100; Spauwer;ZF; ZF Marine; ZF-Marine; ZF W23100 NR; W23100;W23100NR;ADS van STIGT; ADSvanSTIGT; van stigt; ads propulsion; keerkoppeling; transmission; marine gear; marine gearbox;overhaul;onboard overhaul; ZF Toughgear series; Toughgear

Als ZF Competence Center voor onder andere de ZF Toughgear series komen we regelmatig aan boord voor inspecties, reparaties en overhaal. Onlangs hebben we een succesvolle proefvaart gehad met de nieuwbouwer TSHD Spauwer van Den Herder Seaworks uit Yerseke welke wordt voortgestuwd middels twee ZF W83100 NR schakelbare reductiekasten. De ZF W83100 NR tandwielkasten hebben een ... more

8Feb, 17
Masson;RSY 200; RSY 281; ADS van STIGT; van stigt;ADS Propulsion;keerkoppeling; gearbox; transmission; masson marine;marine gear;proefstand

Recently we received an order from Visscher Ship Repair B.V. to overhaul a Masson RSY 200 twin-in single-out reversing gearbox. The inland dry cargo vessel the Alm underwent a major survey, replacing the two diesels for new modern CCR2 emission D13 engines from Volvo Penta. After the overhaul the gearboxes is test thoroughly on our ... more

22Aug, 16
Masson;W5200;MM W5200;ADS van STIGT;ADS Propulsion;Mercur 308

Onlangs hebben wij aan boord van de duwboot Mercur 308 de derde Masson keerkoppeling inbedrijfgesteld. Alle drie de aandrijflijnen zijn nu voorzien van een zeer robuuste en betrouwbare MM W5200 5,955:1. De keerkoppeling is door ons uitgerust met een elektrisch/hydraulische bediening, sleepsmeerpomp, elastische koppeling en monitoring conform de eisen van de scheepvaartinspectie. De aandrijving wordt voorzien door ... more

13Jun, 16
MM W5200; sleepsmeerpomp;pneumatische bediening; luchtbediening;ADS van STIGT; ADS Propulsion; masson; Masson Marine; trailing pump

Today we commissioned a Masson MM W5200 transmission which is installed on board an inland waterway tanker. The Masson transmission has a ratio of 5,955:1 and has been delivered from our stock. The MM W5200 has been up fitted with a trailing pump and a pneumatic control. The gearbox is driven by a CAT C32 ... more

27Apr, 16
Logan;Logan clutch;flexadrive;flexa drive;pump drive;pomp verdeelkast;pompverdeelkast;ADS van STIGT; ADSvanSTIGT; van stigt; ads propulsion

Logan FlexaDrive™ Multiple Pump Drive Gearbox Series Description The Logan FlexaDrive multiple pump drive system is a self-contained gearbox with integral flexible coupling, providing full engine power between engine (power take-off) and transmission. Three different models, with up to Five (5) pump drive towers offer up to (10) PTO/PTI pump pads with bi-directional rotation for ... more

4Apr, 16
ZF; ZF Marine; ZF-Marine; ZF W23100 NR; W23100;W23100NR;ADS van STIGT; ADSvanSTIGT; van stigt; ads propulsion; keerkoppeling; transmission; marine gear; marine gearbox;overhaul;onboard overhaul

Last week we have had the sea trails after a planned overhaul of the ZF-Marine gearbox type ZF W23100 NR. The job was done on location during the planned docking of the vessel. The engineers followed the given planning and finished the job well within the time frame given by the ship owner; professional, save and ... more

12Jan, 16
ZF; ZF Marine; ZF-Marine; ZF 9055; ZF9055;ADS van STIGT; ADSvanSTIGT; van stigt; ads propulsion; keerkoppeling; transmission; marine gear; marine gearbox;proefstand

Op verzoek van onze klant hebben wij 4 stuks ZF Marine keerkoppelingen proefgedraaid op onze proefstand in Gorinchem. Het betrof the ultra moderne ZF 9055 met een reductie 2,036:1 welke super compact en licht in gewicht is. De ZF 9055 wordt voor dit project aangedreven door een MTU dieselmotor met een vermogen van 2550 kW @ ... more

7Jan, 16
IHC Fundex;F5000;O&K;Antriebstechnik;planetaire tandwielkast;planetary gearbox;ads van stigt;F360;S34;FW130

After a pleasant engineering phase we received the order for the delivery of an O&K planetary gearbox package for the IHC FUNDEX F5000 multifunctional foundation rig. The F5600 is used for a variety of drilling and pile-driving methods such as soil displacement drilling, CFA drilling cast-in-situ and pre-cast pile-driving. On board the F5000 we have ... more

28Dec, 15
ZF W5355; BW461; ZF W4610; ADS van STIGT;ZF Marine;keerkoppeling;adsvanstigt;ads propulsion

Afgelopen week hebben we opgestart met een nieuwe ZF W5355 keerkoppeling. De ZF W5355 is in dit geval een vervanging geweest van een ZF BW 461 welke we 1 op 1 hebben kunnen uitwisselen zonder dat een werf een grote ingreep heeft hoeven doen; de inbouwmaten zijn door onze engineeringsafdeling middels speciale aanbouwdelen gelijk gemaakt. ... more

24Dec, 15
Masson; Masson Marine; MM W4400; ADS van STIGT; 3508; Inbedrijfstelling;keerkoppeling;adsvanstigt;ads propulsion

Afgelopen week hebben we de Masson keerkoppeling type MM W4400 – 4,448:1 aan boord van het droge lading schip Maria Helena opgestart en in bedrijf gesteld. De Maria Helena vaart voornamelijk op de Rijn. De keerkoppeling in ingebouwd door Dolderman en wordt aangedreven door een Caterpillar type 3508C met een vermogen van 783 kW @ 1600 omw/min.

23Dec, 15
ZF Toughgears; ADS van STIGT;ADSvanSTIGT;ADS Prolusion; service; Inspection; Repair; Overhaul;ZF W103100

Last week our engineers visited a ZF W103100 NC for a yearly inspection. This type of gearbox is part of the bigger ZF ToughGear series transmission. ADS van STIGT has experience and is equipped to repair and overhaul this kind of transmissions. Our engineers are trained by ZF-Padova

7Dec, 15
ADS van STIGT; Inspection; ZF Toughgear; Endoscopy; ZF W23100 NR;adsvanstigt;ads propulsion;keerkoppeling;transmission

ADS van STIGT has a wide experience in servicing ZF-Marine transmissions. Part of this service is monitoring the condition of the gearbox. Ship owners ask us on a regular base to check their installation. For the bigger ZF ToughGear series transmission an internal inspection by means of an endoscope is part of the inspection. This ... more

28Oct, 15

During the Offshore Energy exhibition in Amsterdam ADS van STIGT had the honour to introduce the JD2400 jack-up drive from O&K Antriebstechnik. O&K has a long history in designing and building high-tech compact planetary gearboxes and is now entering the jack-up market. Some figures are: ■ Ratio: 7868 : 1 ■ Max. Jacking load: 560 ... more

28Oct, 15
MM W3700;Hybride;Inline Hybride; Masson;keerkoppeling;adsvanstigt;ads propulsion

Today we have had the official sea trails of the Sil-Jeske-B. This modern inline hybrid tug boat is equipped with 2 Masson transmissions of the type MM W3700 – 5,850:1. The transmissions are supplied according to the rules of LRoS and for the hybrid mode a “Hybrid ready” package has been supplied. Behind the transmissions, delivered by Hybrid Ship Propulsion, are hollow shaft pm electric motors of ... more

17Sep, 15
ADS van STIGT op de Offshore Energy 15

ADS van STIGT will show her Offshore possibilities at the Offshore Energy exhibition which will be organised 13 & 14 October in Amsterdam. We will show a number of our products from Jack-up drive to down angle light weight transmission from clutch to pump drive. You are more than welcome at our booth 8.071.

21May, 15

The Dewa mobile corn grinder is fitted with a Durst 4PD08 pump drive. The machine is used to grind corn into pigfeed. The grinder’s capacity is 125 tonnes per hour. The mill’s drive is a 750 hp Scania. By way of the pump distribution box, a 125 hp John Deere drives the screw conveyor as ... more

21May, 15

Finally, after several weeks of construction, our new testing bench for reverse couplings is in operation. With this testing bench, we are able to test the functioning of all gearboxesfrom the ZF Marine and Masson Marine programmes. Both for our own benefit and at the request of clients and classification societies. A large number of ... more

21May, 15

Regularly our service engineers carry out maintenance on the Schaller OMDs on board. The oil-mist detector is an important security system on board of ships with an engine power of over 2250 kW and/or a cylinder bore of more than 300 mm. We also carry out repairs on OMDs in our workshop.

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