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24Apr, 20

Gorinchem, 15 April 2020 – In spite of the enormous impact of the Corona virus, we continue to work in our workshop and at customer locations. For instance, new Masson MM W4400 gearboxes for a range of customers filled our assembly shop today. Moreover, we continue to overhaul, among others, a ZF W4610, a ZF ... more

19Mar, 20

Dear business relation, The message our Prime Minister Mark Rutte gave was clear; a large proportion of the Dutch population must seriously take into account the fact that they will get the COVID-19 virus. What does this mean for our company? As the management of ADS van STIGT, we are responsible for two things; The ... more

18Apr, 19

RosierGreidanus B.V. has granted ADS van STIGT the order to deliver five Katsa gearboxes and fifteen flexible couplings. RosierGreidanus was the first company in the Netherlands to develop a fully automatic motor pump that can be used to easily pump manure. The pump can be operated from anywhere using a tablet, meaning that less direct ... more

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