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Launching of the Conwenna at Thecla Bodewes in Kampen

Friday the 6th of April the second Pusher Tug was launched at the shipyard Thecla Bodewes in Kampen.

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ADS van STIGT has delivered the following equipment:
– 2x ZF transmission type ZF W11120 with a ratio 5,667:1 with Ice Class 1C.
– ADS van STIGT engine control system.
– 5 control stations.
– Emergency control according to class rules

The Ice Classed Pusher Tug Conwenna is the second ship for the English ship owner Silverburn and build at the Kampen based shipyard. Last year August the ‘Wenna’ was delivered as the first out of a seri of three tugs. The Wenna is in the meantime in operation at the Caspian sea and is used for offshore activities, seagoing towing transports but also inland push and towing operations.

Later this month the construction for the third so called Ice Pusher Tug for Silverburn will start.

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