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Rick tavels all around the world to service our customers

We consider service to be of utmost importance. How do our employees realise our promises?
Rick van Dalen tells about his work as a Service Engineer at ADS van STIGT.

“We are available 24 hours per day to solve problems, 7 days a week. This means that my colleagues and I can also be called in the weekend to assist a ship’s captain. As a Service Engineer, I am responsible for the installations on board ships, from small yachts to inland vessels, but also for large seagoing vessels. In addition, I maintain industrial installations”, explains Rick.

Our Service Engineers do everything to ensure that, when they leave the vessel, the customer is satisfied. They are trained by ZF and Masson, which gives us the knowledge we require directly from the factory. Because we are an approved dealer, we can always contact the factory if we have any questions, so that they can help to find the best solution.
ADS van STIGT only uses original parts. Therefore, the factory guarantee is retained and we can truly guarantee quality.

When we receive a request, our office analyses what exactly must be done. “This ensures that I already have the right parts with me when I leave to go to the customer. We stock many spare parts, which means that this goes smoothly.
When I board the vessel, I discuss with the skipper what I will do exactly and then I go to work. The job is very diverse and therefore every day is different. This makes it very interesting!”
Currently, we have 13 service vehicles, and employ 16 engineers. This ensures that we can usually be anywhere in Europe within 24 hours, but we also travel all over the world to help our customers.

Are you already aware of our free service?
Users of a Masson gearbox can top up their accumulator for free. As standard, this must be done once a year, but when it needs to be done more often, our customers are always welcome!


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