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We supply the entire line of hydraulically or pneumatically operated multi disc clutches and brakes of the Logan brand. Logan is an American family business with more than forty years of experience.

The SAE standardised clutches can be installed upon any existing non-switchable PTO or as a front-mounting kit onto the front of any diesel engine.

Markets are: shipping, oil and gas extraction, machine construction, mining and construction.

Applications are, among others: gearboxes, reverse couplings, Z-drives, azimuth thrusters, over-centre couplings, tunnel-boring machines, asphalt-milling machines, winches, pump distribution boxes, lathes, shredders.

Apart from its complete clutches, Logan offers high-grade steel and bronze lamellas.

We keep an appropriate stock of Logan clutches and parts



Our Gorinchem workshop is specially equipped for maintenancing Logan clutches.

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