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Control systems

Electronic Control systems, partly American, partly European, are an important addition to the gearbox programme of ADS van STIGT.
A vast choice of bridge control levers for each possible option; electric, mechanic, electronic, V, mA, PWM etc., with emergency controls, back-up systems and reliable engine room components is offered. The advantages of one single supplier for combinations comprising gearbox and controls are numerous. For instance all systems supplied by ADS van STIGT are covered by the company’s “system responsibility” and supported by the service department on a 24/7 basis.


Our systems are based on the processors of ZF Marine Electronics, the former Mathers. CruiseCommand, MiniCommand, SmartCommand and ClearCommand


ZF 456-3L hendel
Imacon Color Scanner
ZF 4200 hendel
ZF 460-4 hendel


ZF ClearCommand actuator_
ZF CruiseCommand Processor
ZF MicroCommander actuator
ZF SmartCommand processor
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