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Now, over 44 years later , is still the main source of our existence , but we have a significant number of other products in our range, such as planetary gearboxes, distribution pump , controller models and sensors.


Expert and fast assistance Service is what has made us great. So, for all the products we supply, we also offer support. This serv

Measuring and control systems

Measuring and control systems consist of, among other things, tachometers, speed sensors, temperature probes and pressure transmit

Control systems

Electronic Control systems, partly American, partly European, are an important addition to the gearbox programme of ADS van STIGT.

Pump drives

Among other things, the North-American company Durst, part of Regal-Beloit, supplies pump distribution boxes or pump drive. A pump

Reverse reduction and clutchable reduction gearboxes

Our reverse reduction and clutchable gearbox programme is very wide in a power range from10 to 14000 kW with 0.8:1 to 14:1 reducti

Planetary gearboxes

O&K Antriebstechnik focuses on the development, production and sales of planetary gearboxes. These gearboxes are characterise

Dampers and elastic couplings

For the supply of torsional dampers and elastic torsional couplings for diesel engines, we have entered into a cooperation with Ge


As an official Carraro Service Centre, we are able to provide the original spare parts of Carraro axles and transmissions. Carraro

Hybrid drives

‘Hybrid’ appears to be the key word for the future. Hybrid would ensure emission reduction and fuel economy.. Of course, it is

Controllable pitch propellers

As to controllable pitch propellers (CPPs), we have a lot of experience in the field of servicing, notably the former ZF and the R


We supply the entire line of hydraulically or pneumatically operated multi disc clutches and brakes of the Logan brand. Logan is a

Monitoring systems

With the monitoring systems oil mist detectors make up an important element. These OMDs give a warning when there is a danger of e

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