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Annual gearbox inspection

The gearbox is an extremely reliable link in your drive line, provided that necessary maintenance is carried out in due time. As you know, the maintenance is minimal. Regularly changing the lubricant, and cleaning or replacing the lubricant filter is usually enough. However, to be sure of an optimally working installation, it is recommendable to have an annual inspection done. In doing so, you have – demonstrably, by way of a report – taken the optimum cautionary measures on behalf of your installation. With that intention, ADS van STIGT has compiled a very extensive and competitive inspection package.

The inspection comprises the following points:

Trail run and checking of:

  • Operating pressure
  • Lubricant pressure
  • Clutch engagement behaviour
  • Oil temperature of lubricant
  • Temperature of bearing bores
  • Monitoring
  • Functioning of controls

Note: Trial run is only possible with a gearbox at operating temperature.

Visual inspection:

  • Contact pattern of gears
  • Clutch drum
  • Foundation bolts
  • Propeller shaft bolts
  • Elastic coupling


  • Filter inspection
  • Filling of accumulator (with Masson gears)

Lubricant analysis:
During inspection we take a lubricant sample. This sample will be analysed by a professional laboratory. Besides, if you have had the oil analysed by a third party, we are also able to advise you as to the results of this lubricant oil analysis. The allowed contamination is not comparable with that of your motor oil, and therefore often tends to be interpreted wrongly so that your oil might be changed too soon. The findings of this inspection are reported on. This report describes the inspection’s points of attention. Moreover, if necessary, a maintenance advice is given. The outcomes of the lubricant oil’s analysis are entered into the report.


  • Optimum reliability and maintenance planning.
  • Large repairs can be scheduled or even prevented.
  • Optimum insight into the reverse coupling’s condition.
  • Optimum build-up of maintenance history by way of professional reporting, taken care of by an authorised distributor.
  • You will receive a copy of the report, which you can keep in your maintenance logbook. In this way, after a while you will have built up a history that might prove very valuable when selling your ship or at certain issues with your insurances.
  • A discount on repairs carried out by ADS van STIGT.
  • If you have your reverse coupling inspected annually by ADS van STIGT, you will be entitled to certain
  • And should you nevertheless be confronted with unforeseen repairs, you will always receive a 3% discount on any replaced parts.

Cost of annual inspection

We at ADS van STIGT find it important that our products receive optimum care, so that the expected service life can be achieved without problem.

The inspection costs are €236,- per gearbox, excluding VAT, while there are also the additional travel expenses and accommodation involved for inspections outside of Gorinchem.

Conditions are subject to change. All this is according to the rates of 2012. Rates can be indexed annually. ADS van STIGT reserves the right to withdraw this offer without notification.


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